#FallWritingFrenzy 2021 Entry


Grossed Out Gus 

by Christopher DePietro


Gus loves Halloween. Well, at least in theory.

He loves the idea of wearing costumes and getting free candy, but there’s just one itty-bitty problem.

It’s all too gross.

The brain-eating zombies, the blood-sucking vampires, the glittery princesses, EWWW!

The melty chocolate, the gooey bubble gum, the messy wrappers, YUCK!

Don’t even ask him about carving pumpkins.

He’ll complain about the stinky, slimy, guts and the orange, bumpy, skin.

The hardest part is finding a costume that he’ll wear.

I’ve tried everything.

“Football player?”

“Too sweaty.”


“Too germy.”

“Bubble boy?”

“Too much breathing my own breath.”

But this year, I think I finally found it. A one-of-a-kind, germ-fighting, superhero suit.

This suit has it all. An extended claw arm so he doesn’t have to get too close. Ultra-thick rubber gloves and boots to protect from the sticky stuff. Anti-gross goggles with fast-action shade technology, stench blocking nose plugs, and finally, a utility-belt with hand sanitizing wet wipes, hand drying towelettes, and barf bags – just in case.

“Gus, what do you think?”

“Mom, this is awesome!”

“Success! Grab your pillowcase and let’s go trick-or-treating!”

“A slobbery old pillowcase? EWWW GROSS!”

Halloween- Credit: Samantha Hurley / Burst